Friday, February 06, 2009

Columburgh Corridor Update

As far as the economic stimulus is concerned, road versus rails should be an interesting debate. In the spirit of Richard Florida's recommendations for Ontario, I think greater connectivity between cities is a good idea. However, I don't think the mega-regional scale that Florida is suggesting is tenable. The Michigan-Ohio Fingers is more like it and greater connectivity between Columbus and Pittsburgh makes sense:

The Columbus-Pittsburgh Corridor Committee directed its members Friday to begin discussions about creating a toll road between the two major cities.

The committee, which represents the seven Ohio counties along the route, asked its members to talk with county commissioners, mayors and other governmental leaders about potential support for such a funding plan.

The goal of the committee, which met Friday at Longaberger Golf Club, near Hanover, is to complete a 160-mile, four-lane, limited-access highway connecting the two major Midwest cities.

Notice that no Pennsylvania counties are represented on the committee. Does Pittsburgh pay attention to what is going on across the border? Now would be a good time to shed the bunker mentality and look for economic growth opportunities beyond downtown and Oakland.

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