Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ghost of Rust Belt Past

I think a lot of Rust Belt expatriates are skeptical of the news touting the positive changes going on in America's Urban Frontier. The reason you left in the first place is a lasting image:

I thought, gee, it'll take more than a few successful businesses to get me to move back here for real. It might take less small-mindedness and more diversity. It might take a better outlook for my career niche and better schools for my future son or daughter. And maybe, it'd take a decent Thai restaurant.

Returning home doesn't suit most people. The boomerang migration isn't about finding a bit of big city experience in the flyover zone. You should be looking for something that you can't have in Boston, Austin, or DC.

My goal of leaving Denver and moving to Pittsburgh entails the search for opportunities I can't find where I'm currently living. A diaspora project for the Front Range? Don't be ridiculous. Cleveburgh is where it is at.

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