Monday, June 01, 2009

Burgh Diaspora Turns Three

3-years ago, I started the Burgh Diaspora blog. Today, this is how I see Pittsburgh:


Jim Morris said...

There's a story that Youngstown rose to prominence with the Mafia because it was midway on a drive from New York to Chicago. Who drives between Pittsburgh and Cleveland?

Jim Russell said...

"Who drives between Pittsburgh and Cleveland?"

Those business travelers employing airport arbitrage thanks to the shrinking service out of the region's international flyways.

More seriously, Youngstown is a kind of watershed for commuting patterns. The labor market for a Youngstown resident includes both Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Paz said...

If that's to be the case, than WRTA has to step up its game. For as convenient as it is to drive through Cleveburgh, it certainly isn't particularly accessible through alternate means.