Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pittsburgh: The Comeback City

Does the City of Champions need a new nickname? Carl Kurlander suggests one:

I think the hardest thing these days though is going to be a new moniker-- for Pittsburgh, no longer the Steel City, still looks best when seen as an underdog-- with unexpected beauty, with people who are so unhip, they are hip (Rick Sebak once said), and with a tenacity and work ethic, that... well, these folks hung on even as their major industry left-- (acknowledging that half did have to leave-- see Steeler Nation), and on the field (or ice) and off, have increasingly found a way to win-- even when everyone else has written them off.

So we would modestly propose Pittsburgh: The Comeback City."

I love the Rust Belt Chic reference.


Stephen Gross said...

I like Steel City. Embrace your history. Don't run from it. Acknowledge it--150 years ago, Pittsburgh was ground zero for steel production in the world. Be proud of that fact.

Of course, out here in the Mill City I don't think many people think twice about buying flour.

Paz said...

Didn't Cleveland go by "Comeback City" in the 1990s? Maybe it's a curse more than a blessing.

On the other hand-,9171,808864,00.html

Infinonymous said...

I propose waiting until the insolvency issue is resolved before declaring a comeback.