Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome Pittsburgh Urban Blog (The PUB)

There is a new blog on the Pittsburgh scene, The Pittsburgh Urban Blog (PUB):

The PUB highlights our work on economic and community development, neighborhood conditions, and regional change in Pittsburgh. Exciting findings and research will be featured from our Pittsburgh Neighborhood and Community Information System (PNCIS) and our quarterly publication, the Pittsburgh Economic Quarterly (PEQ).

I'm particularly excited to learn more about the PNCIS. I'm already a regular reader of the PEQ. You might want to add The PUB to your preferred blog aggregator.

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I812 said...

Check out PGHSNAP, the City's new on-line neighborhood "snapshots," database, mapping and community action strategies tool ( It received a 2010 Honor Award for Planning & Analysis from the American Society of Landscape Architects - chosen among over 600 international entries. No special training or passwords is required. It's simply public information on all 90 neighborhoods available at no cost to the public. PGHGIS is the accompanying on-line interactive mapping center that uses a Google-like interface. It's linked to PGHSNAP site, but directly accessible at