Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fatal Talent Attraction

Talent attraction Tuesday at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Using Silicon Valley to highlight the structural shift from talent attraction to talent production.

Subject Article: "Homegrown talent: An answer to Silicon Valley's STEM shortage?"

Other Links: 1. "Living for the city: Vibrant urban cores lure young talent."
2. "Viva Las Vegas! Part 1 – Tony Hsieh and the Downtown Project."
3. "Silicon Valley report shows a 'region at risk' : Annual Index of Silicon Valley shows area's economic engine is stalled."
4. "End Of Migration."
5. "From Hong Kong to Canada and back: the migrants who came home from home: For Hongkongers who migrated to the North American country and returned upwardly mobile, a sense of place is a thing of the past."
6. "Disney Research Pittsburgh scientists are aiming for human-like robots."

Postscript: Two-weeks ago, Reuters article sounding the same alarm on a global scale:

The traditional emigrant states are beginning to want their best minds back. The hunt for clever people is globalized: Universities, companies, even government bureaucracies seek them here and seek them there. The needs of the developed world and the greater needs of the developing world now conflict.

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