Friday, May 24, 2013

Geography of Aspiration

Late night comedy at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Geography of the Talent Economy.

Subject Article: "Finding Yourself in American Cities."

Other Links: 1. "Why the Smartest People in the Midwest All Move To Chicago."
2. "About Silicon Prairie News."
3. "Boston Is Dying."
4. "What’s the Difference between Austin and San Francisco?"
5. "Rethinking human capital, creativity and urban growth."
6. "Do Big Cities Help College Graduates Find Better Jobs?"
7. "Philadelphia’s Reading Viaduct gets the ‘High Line’ treatment."
8. "The Rise of the Cupcake Class."

Postscript: Ambition and the opportunity to economically develop one's self is the attraction to Big City. Richard Florida's tolerance variable for luring the Creative Class doesn't make sense. It's a nice sentiment. But it doesn't help us model migration. Talent will run through brick walls such as intolerance. Immigrants aren't in the United States for well designed public spaces.

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