Thursday, May 16, 2013

Silicon Valley Decline

Latest post up at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: As the Innovation Economy diverges, more and more places effectively engage in the war for talent. That's bad news for talent attraction champion Silicon Valley.

Subject Article: "Montreal Is Growing Its Own High-Tech Workers."

Other Links: 1. "International Migration is Projected to Become Primary Driver of U.S. Population Growth for First Time in Nearly Two Centuries."
2. "Shrinking City Myths."
3. "Keep Pittsburgh Weird."
4. "Talent Attraction Crisis."
5. "New Findings: Seasonal Foreign Agricultural Workers Create American Jobs."
6. "The Brain Gain: The Rise of San Antonio’s Talent Economy."

Postscript: The contrast between Portland and Pittsburgh is instructive. For the Innovation Economy, Portland is a winner. It is a magnet for talent. For the Talent Economy, Pittsburgh is a winner. It is a magnet for businesses starved for innovative talent. Talent production is the name to today's game.

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