Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cuisine Connectivity

While the Burghblogosphere is busy debating how to best bring the rest of the world to Pittsburgh, expatriates continue to export the local culture:

The best of our entrees, a Pittsburgher ($8.90), was a sizable, good-tasting burger without fillers. Famous in Pittsburgh, the patty was presented between two slices of toasted rye, with Swiss cheese, coleslaw that tastes like a grocery store version, and skin-on fries, all piled atop one another. It might sound like an insurmountable mouth task if you've had other Pittsburghers, but this one was easy because there were too few fries in residence. Burgers come with a choice of one side, entrees come with two. Have garlic smashed potatoes, sweet-potato smash, fresh asparagus or fresh veggie medley.

I'm sure if you ask, you can also get fries on your salad.

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