Friday, September 14, 2007

Pittsburgh-DC Overlap

DC folks are invading a part of Maryland traditionally the province of Pittsburgh wealth:

[Deep Creek Lake], in Garrett County, quickly became a vacation spot for the affluent of Pittsburgh, who built log cabins on its shores. When the completion of Interstate 68 in 1991 cut the drive from Washington to three hours, real estate agents say, the number of Washingtonians flocking to the area surged — along with home prices.

According to the article, "professionals and executives" from both Pittsburgh and Washington, DC (as well as Baltimore) are buying up property in the area. I've been following closely the westward advance of the DC region and Deep Creek Lake is practically in Pittsburgh's backyard. Perhaps more significantly, the DC expansion is on the Pittsburgh side of the mountains.

I like the idea of Pittsburgh execs rubbing elbows with DC execs on a regular basis. The two regions should be doing more business with each other and perhaps this resort community is a harbinger of things to come.

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