Sunday, September 23, 2007

Steelers Road Nation: Born on the Bayou

Jim Wexell checks in from Steelers CB Ike Taylor's home. Searching the post for an interesting tease, I appreciate what Taylor's Uncle Herm had to say about Mr. Wexell's journey:

Then Herm got on a roll. He began talking about the media and how my trip around the Nation is special on more than one level. “You’ve been to the Ninth Ward. You’ve seen where Ike Taylor grew up. You’ve seen what those winds did to his high school. It don’t even have a football team anymore. You know how he bounces back. You know how Willie Parker bounces back. You’ve walked in their shoes. You know the people you’re writing about. You won’t be guessing when you get home, Mr. Jim. You won’t be writing about shadows. You know them. No, Mr. Jim, you’ve been called to do this work. It’s important work, and may God bless you.”

I expect Mr. Wexell's book will improve the sense of community for the Burgh Diaspora. Matters beyond the Pale of Pittsburgh become the concern of everyone in Steelers Nation.

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