Thursday, September 20, 2007

Domestic Diasporas Diaspora

The diablog between GlobalErie and Burgh Diaspora continues. Mr. Panepento's posts generate a fair amount of comments, which are worth a read. The various perspectives look quite familiar to me.

Edit - One comment (13th from David VanAmberg) I think is particularly provocative and aligned with my approach to the Burgh Diaspora project:


Allow me to make a point that has been apparent to me for 40 years. If company owners without roots in Erie have no interest in moving here, while people with roots here are looking for employment opportunities to move back, or choose to return upon retirement, why do we not want to strongly focus on communicating with the diaspora of Erie expatriates around the globe who have already succeeded (and there are many thousands) to:

1. Move or expand their business back to Erie,
2. Start a business in Erie, and/or
3. Invest in businesses in Erie?

They have the critical experience and global contacts in their fields of interest. Would we not have a much greater return on investment in business attraction by focusing on communicating with these people?

I truly appreciate reading the sincere and positive comments of the folks who participate in your discussion. Now how do we get the folks who have already succeeded in their careers and businesses, or who are ready to start their businesses to read this blog and participate in this discussion? It would be enlightening to hear their thoughts.

Think Big.

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