Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Startup Diaspora

HELP (Helping Entrepreneurs Learn from Peers) Pittsburgh's Gary Rosensteel is attempting to make the opaque startup process a bit more transparent through a new website titled Help Startups. I would describe Help Startups as a catalogue of information about becoming an entrepreneur. Mr. Rosensteel, perhaps with some assistance from others in the know, has created a one-stop shop for business creation in Pittsburgh and nearby West Virginia. (Edit: Mr. Rosensteel informs me that West Virginia is not in the fold as of right now)

Help Startups has a Colleague Forum, which should be the most vital component of the website. I registered (username: globalburgh) and I hope to see a lot of activity there soon. Pittsburgh needs a stronger entrepreneurial community and culture. Providing links to all the necessary startup information won't accomplish that. If Mr. Rosensteel can cultivate some virtual social capital, he will have done Pittsburgh a great service.

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