Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Steelers Bar Closes?

Drinkers in Sandy Springs, GA bid farewell to American Pie. The bar closed and was known as a hangout for Steelers fans:

Later the place became know for all sorts of quirky events, as well as the home for expatriate Pittsburgh Steeler fans to watch their team via satellite and chug Iron City beer. They even made the official sandwich of the Steeler fan - white bread with a fried egg, french fries and some kind of meat. God knows how many future heart bypass procedures are out there from those things.

I think I've tracked down the bar's demise; it became a gathering place for Browns fans (a natural extension of the Buckeye fans who made American Pie their official hangout). According to this article, Barnacles has been the Steelers bar of choice in the Atlanta area since 1991.

Does anyone know when American Pie switched to the Browns?


Janko said...

Is McTigh's in Buckhead (Atlanta) still around?

That's where I watched Steelers games from 2002 to 2006. It has Pittsburgh memorabilia all over the walls and Iron City beer.

A much better place than America Pie. American Pie was just so . . . suburbial. It sucked really.

I hated the fact that it became the nexus for Buckeyes events in Altanta.

McTigh's was on 30 Pharr Road, making a left off Peachtree (from downtown) instead of going to the right and the Big Fish scuplture next to the Atlanta FIsh Market.

Jim Russell said...

From what I can tell, McTigh's has moved on from the Steelers. I watched a game there once and it was definitely one of the better Steelers bars in the country.

Barnacle's is now the place in and around Atlanta to watch the Steelers:


Janko said...

say it ain't so Jim.

say it ain't so.