Friday, December 28, 2007

Transplants to Pittsburgh

A new blog titled The Out of Towner kicked off today with an introductory post:

I think that many people would appreciate a site that acknowledges this groups presence and their efforts to establish themselves. Charlotte is basically a refugee camp for Rust Belt families today. Here at The Out of Towner, I want to help us form a new community.

Insight about finding good schools, adjusting to the Bible Belt, making job connections, local real estate, and Charlotte politics will be posted frequently as we try to make life just a little easier for the Charlotte Transplant.

BTW, Im sure its important to at least introduce myself. Im Brian, I go to college at UNC Charlotte, I have written in the Charlotte Observer, Matthews News and Record, David W Butler Echo, and countless professional blogs. I am originally from Bufalo, NY and my family and I have never lost our sense of identity with the Rust Belt.

Does such a beast exist in Pittsburgh? If anyone reading this knows about a blog that covers the ups and downs of moving to Pittsburgh, then please provide the url in the comments feature. I'd also welcome a Pittsburgh newcomer starting up a blog about her or his experience if the niche is yet to be filled.

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