Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Rust Belt Bloggers Summit

A member of the IntoPittsburgh group recently told me about his experience organizing a high school reunion using, a social networking website. I should have more to report on that front soon enough, but I remember my promise to use this blog to promote action as well as ideas. The Rust Belt immigration initiative is moving forward, but I don't want the proposed bloggers summit to get lost in the policy discussion. Pittsburgh's own Justin Kownacki inquired about a website for the gathering:

There are many social media people in Pittsburgh who would be interested in an event like this. Is there a mailing list / wiki / Ning site in the works for such a venture?

Let's network Rust Belt bloggers. We can use the ning site to discuss policy collaboration and even the limits of the Rust Belt region. But the first thing we should do is settle on the date and place of the summit.

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