Monday, December 17, 2007

IntoPittsburgh: Globalscot Model

Anyone curious about what IntoPittsburgh proposes to do for Pittsburgh, check out the latest news about Globalscot. An older story about Globalscot is similar to IntoPittsburgh's Gumbander initiative:

"Our message to the Scottish Diaspora this New Year should be to come home to Scotland," said justice spokesman Kenny MacAskill.

"While we must do what we can to make Scotland a welcoming place for those wishing to come here to work, we should not forget that many Scots have left our shores to pursue a better economic future."

The [Scottish National Party] said Ireland had attracted 280,000 new workers in four years by targeting its ex-pat communities.

"It's not so much the successful Scottish ex-pat in Canada who has put down firm roots in foreign communities who we need to target, but the bus driver in Manchester and the oil workers in the Gulf," added Mr MacAskill.

"These groups of workers are the educated and talented who have not been presented with the opportunities to stay and work at home.

"We should be setting out a specific plan to provide the support needed to bring these workers home."

Also like Globalscot, IntoPittsburgh is interested in more than helping expatriates return home. As I've labored to point out in this blog, human capital can still help Pittsburgh even if it resides in China. In that light, I think now is a good time for me to voice my support for Mike Madison's suggested motto for IntoPittsburgh:

What you have as heritage, Now take as task, / For thus you will make it your own

If you care about Pittsburgh, for whatever reason and no matter where you live, then we ask you to help shape Pittsburgh's future in the way you feel is most appropriate.

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