Friday, December 07, 2007

IntoPittsburgh: Pittsblog

I have the impression that my announcement didn't live up to the hype. I'm sure the Pittsburgh cynics are rolling their eyes. There is an impressive cast of characters involved in the IntoPittsburgh initiative, but I don't pretend to speak for any of them. I also expect more fanfare once we launch our website in January. Meanwhile, we have work to do and Pittsblog is leading the charge:

Publicly commit to making yourself/your organization/your network accessible to others who want to get involved/invest in Pittsburgh/start a business/grow an enterprise/energize a community. A lot of would-be Pittsburgh evangelists, business owners, move-ins, etc. don't know who to call or contact. Let them call you. Let them email you. When they call you, be sure to introduce them to someone else you know. (That sounds a bit like "Pay It Forward," which isn't a bad motto.) I'll start a list: People in Pittsburgh Who Will Help. Look to the left column of this blog.

One of the more simple action-items resulting from the post-Thanksgiving meeting at the Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC) is facilitating the kind of networking that produces results. Via the PTC website, you might find a great job. Wonderful, but thousands of qualified people probably noticed the same opportunity. There is gainful employment in Pittsburgh, but actually getting hired is another story.

I know for certain that there are talented people who would like to move back to Pittsburgh. I also know that there are many expatriates looking for a deeper relationship with their hometown. When I mention this fact in Pittsburgh a certain question almost always follows:

"Can you put me in touch with these people?"

If you want to move back to Pittsburgh or get more involved, talented and well-connected people living in Pittsburgh would love to speak with you. Go to Pittsblog and look in the upper left hand corner of the website where you will see "People to Contact for Introductions Around Pittsburgh." This is a rather modest beginning for IntoPittsburgh, but effective nonetheless.

For instance, revisit Bill Toland's Post-Gazette story about Alan Paul, a member of the Pittsburgh Diaspora living in China:

The online movement to unite expats such as Mr. Paul with the rest of the scattershot Pittsburgh diaspora is metastasizing as well.

Mr. Paul, 13 hours ahead of Pittsburgh, reached out to the Post-Gazette at the urging of Jim Russell...

I've had some interaction with Mr. Toland because of the Burgh Diaspora blog and Mr. Paul's column deserves more publicity, particularly among people who are into Pittsburgh. The connection I facilitated was beneficial for at least all three of us and is a good example of results oriented networking. And perhaps someone reading this blog who is interested in doing business in China will contact Mr. Paul, cashing in on the shared passion for Pittsburgh.


Frank said...

"IntoPittsburgh" seems like it deserves it's own website/blog, perhaps one maintained by the influential bloggers in the area. For example, to become a member, you must have an established blog/business/organization and commit to posting once a week.

A blog updated multiple times a day by the top leaders of Pittsburgh 2.0 on the ares...THAT sounds like a resource!

The Blurgh

Jim Russell said...

We are working on a website for the IntoPittsburgh initiative. We expect to be live in January.