Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blog Release: The International @ Boxheart Gallery

I long for the day when my blog releases will concern relevant events in Burgh Diaspora locations. For now, my audience is mostly in and around Pittsburgh. Without further ado:

The International at Boxheart Gallery is an annual event. The {art}Press team made its first appearance and was thoroughly impressed with the diverse mix of art. Artists who participated represent the following countries: Russia, England, Chile, Bulgaria, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Norway, Canada, Kuwait, and the US. If you have not yet been to an art show this year, this would be an impressive way to kick-off your art viewing in 2008.

It might be wise to first visit Boxheart's website to familiarize yourself with the artists, then head over to Boxheart in Bloomfield and have a more informed experience. Our favorites include two images of horses by Reinhardt Sobye. These are digital photographs that are embellished by hand with additional strokes of charcoal and other media. This gives the images an aged or decay look and feel. Sobye is also an intriguing artist with unique views on the world, no doubt influenced by his small town experience in Norway. Nicole Capozzi and Josh Hogan, Boxheart Owners, can tell you all about him as he will also be having a solo-exhibition in the upcoming year.

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