Friday, January 18, 2008


TechFutures responds to my post about Chattanooga comparisons and economic development:

Thanks for the link--and for your comments. My next installment (which unfortunately has been delayed because of other commitments here) deals with exactly the kinds of differences that make "copying" another region the wrong thing to do--Chattanooga actually is geographically more similar to Pittsburgh than Cleveland, because the terrain concentrates activity in a downtown area, where we still have ample room and low-cost land that enables (and even encourages) sprawl. The differences, I think, are as important (if not more so) in informing how you can *learn* from what other regions have done and apply the lessons you learn without simply *copying* what some other place did.

I raised a caution flag about Cleveland, or any other city, learning from Chattanooga. The reply from TechFutures indicates that future posts in the series should be valuable for everyone interested in improving her or his own shrinking city. I'm looking forward to the next installment and thinking about what it might mean for Pittsburgh.

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