Thursday, January 17, 2008

Erie Innovation

A Rust Belt blogging compatriot in Youngstown unearthed a link to the Great Lakes Industrial Technology Summit:

Welcome to the first annual Great Lakes Industrial Technology Summit (GLITS).

Formerly EXPO Erie, GLITS is a collaborative event brought to you by the Technology Council of NWPA and the Erie Engineering Societies Council.

A celebration of industry past, present and future, the two-day Summit is focused solely on technology, engineering and research and development. Experience the latest in technology advancements that will affect your industry and business, plus enjoy two days of panel discussions and a speakers series from industry leaders.

The Summit speakers will be focused on this year’s GLITS theme – Global Competition. They will address issues and bring professional experiences to a topic that is affecting each and every one of us on a business and individual basis. Visit our seminars page to see what major topics are being addressed.

You may wonder why the name change and what GLITS represents. To better reflect the shows new direction we changed the name to the Great Lakes Industrial Technology Summit, this allowed us to regionalize the identity and recognize needs of our surrounding area of Crawford, Mercer, Venango, and Warren Counties, Southeastern NY and Western Ohio.

Invoking all of the Great Lakes would seem to be stretch, but I don't know the geographic limits of GLITS ambitions. Might GLITS be interested in attending the Rust Belt Bloggers summit?

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