Monday, January 21, 2008

Thinking About Moving to Pittsburgh?

You best hurry because prime city residential real estate is going fast:

The city's first neighborhood land trust to assure affordability for generations of homeowners has been proposed on the Central North Side.

The neighborhood, which includes the Mexican War Streets, would join a growing number of neighborhoods, towns, counties and cities that have set up trusts in response to a housing crisis facing poor and working-class people. ...

... The Central North Side, where some housing prices have shot through the roof in recent years, has not determined its model.

You read that correctly. The City of Pittsburgh is concerned about affordable housing.

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Frank said...

The great thing about Pittsburgh, though, is that there are so many lovely neighborhoods nestled away that are still very affordable. Many of them are right next to more popular neighborhoods, for example Fineview right next to the North Side or Greenfield right next to Squirrel Hill. Both Fineview and Greenfield also offer incredible views of the city--some of the best kept secrets around!

The Blurgh