Tuesday, January 08, 2008

PittsburghToday Vision

The PittsburghToday Blog unveiled part of the benchmarking initiative's plans to forge a regional identity that more accurately captures Pittsburgh's sphere of influence:

The PittsburghToday website has significantly changed its home page to two purposes. First, it has established a new Region's Forum that will be updated daily to give more prominence to differences of opinion about the appropriateness of public policy initiatives and particular regional indicators.

The Forum will solicit contributions from individuals and institutions with a bias for material dealing with local issues and appropriateness of data choices driving the site's many indicators. Signed comment from readers and visitors to the site will be very welcome and posted in order to promote a robust dialogue.

Second, "A View of Our Region" has been established to drive home the truth that Pittsburgh is larger and more rich in its many parts than is often understood. This portfolio of images will lead the home page and change regularly to capture the seasonal and social variety of the region.

Both John Craig and Harold Miller are working to provide people living in the Pittsburgh region with better data. Ideally, better numbers will inform better decisions. Does out-migration deserve so much attention? Take a look for yourself and then tell PittsburghToday what you think. I would like to know what you readers think of the definition of the Pittsburgh region. Is it too big? Not big enough?

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