Friday, September 27, 2013

Global Dublin Killing Rural Ireland

Globalization blesses Dublin at the expense of rural Ireland at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: How globalization impacts urbanization and migration.

Subject Article: "Rural Ireland feels the pinch as Dublin bounces back to life."

Other Links: 1. "One Irish person emigrates every six minutes."

Postscript: Big study of Irish emigration released today by the University College Cork. Quote of note:

Sparsely populated rural areas have been disproportionately affected, with 25 per cent of households losing a member to emigration. In commuter belt areas, where residents would be more likely have negative equity mortgages and young children, less than 11 per cent of households had experienced emigration.

Rural areas are also most likely to feel that emigration has impacted negatively on their community, with householders describing a loss of “vibrancy” associated with younger residents, lack of support for older community members, decimation of local sports teams and clubs, and reduced spending in the local economy.

The rush of the rural to emigrate evokes "Arrival City" by Doug Saunders. However, the Irish pattern is more than a little ironic and perhaps indicative of something altogether new.

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