Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Want to Kill Innovation? Fight Brain Drain

Massachusetts pondering the embrace of brain drain at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: How brain drain drives innovation.

Subject Article: "Big shift: Governor Patrick now supports making noncompete agreements unenforceable in Massachusetts."

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Postscript: Some recent research to support the notion of fostering brain drain:

In a new paper co-authored with Emily Beam and Dean Yang, we report on several years of experiments that try to facilitate more international migration from the Philippines. The Philippines is well-known around the world for its efforts in bilateral facilitation of migration. The government has signed a number of bilateral migration arrangements with different countries, which, coupled with a well-regulated private recruiting industry, has resulted in an annual deployment of about 2 million Filipinos to practically every country in the world.

The Philippines has devised a way to benefit from the export of talent. The interests of community and individual are aligned. Massachusetts is heading in this policy direction.

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