Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rust Belt of Silicon Valley: San Jose Is Dying

Silicon Valley decline at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: Convergence of Innovation Economy.

Subject Article: "Danny Rimer: What U.S. startups can learn from Europe."

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Postscript: Danny Rimer suggests that the Rust Belt part of Silicon Valley concerns manufacturing, a Bay Area Mon Valley. I'm more interested in the rethinking of San Francisco producer city instead of a consumer city. I think we're seeing the end of the push for urban amenities in the core as an economic development strategy.

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Kosmo said...

Let me offer another perspective and even deeper meaning that is driving what you call the “Convergence of Innovation” via the RSA,-cognition-and-creativity/social-brain/core-thematic-strands

Certainly talent is a far more valuable engine for value creation than capital equipment so the infrastructure which empowers talent must be smart, real-time resilient, but above all socially cognitive in nature. And when it comes to being social, the pathways to convergence need to stimulate homophiles and energize mirror neurons.

Humans are natural born storytellers seeking a like minded audience to bring emotionally charged, personal experiences to life, virtually and at venues that can readily transform an author into an actor. RSA in direct fashion explain the economics of why people do what they do and in order for cities to matter, they better influence how people think as in purposing their attention and the associated daily value habits to ensure decision making results in outcomes we can behaviorally choose to own.

“Digital Experiences create substantial demand for Analog Performances”