Saturday, September 07, 2013

London Hosts the Olympics: How Success for People Is a Failure of Place

Place outcomes trump people outcomes at Pacific Standard magazine.

Theme: People develop, not places.

Subject Article: "Population churn and its impact on socio-economic convergence in the five London 2012 host boroughs."

Other Links: 1. "The ‘escalator region’ hypothesis and the regional cities of England: a research agenda."
2. "People Develop, Not Places."

Postscript: I'm still working my way through this paper, "Global Neighborhoods: New Pathways to Diversity and Separation." The main point is relevant to this post. Conventional concepts don't mesh well with new migration patterns. Gentrification is one such outdated concept with its historical narrative of white flight and government mandated sprawl, as if economic globalization wouldn't make one lick of a difference.

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