Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Articulate Pittsburgh

Art-iculate, Pittsburgh's creative network for artists, is celebrating a successful first six months of existence:

Since its inception, Art-iculate; Pittsburgh Creative Network online has generated visitors from around the world. Each month, new unique visitors navigate to the site to see the latest in Southwestern Pennsylvania art. We are happy to announce that for the month of September the number of visitors reached 8,303, with 1,529 of those visitors being newcomers to the site. We anticipate that by this time next month, we will be well over 10,000 views!

We are now in the process of upgrading the Articulate website to better provide you with the vital visual art information that you desire; by broadening idea exchange we will strengthen the communication pallet of the art community in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

As demonstrated by the above demographics, we know that we have the opportunity to report on the accomplishments from our region and to build national (and international!) awareness of our art culture. We have already been called "The Most Livable City" and we are striving to make Pittsburgh a major Cultural destination as well. People are watching and interested, so let's give them something to talk about and ample reason to visit our galleries, museums, and studios!

Not only is the Articulate website helping to expand awareness of our region's art to the world, but it also benefits you by providing access to vital information that leads to networking, exciting openings and opportunities, all that can immediately benefit the regions' artists. Articulate serves as the premier online resource and centralized hub for artists, galleries, arts organizations, and the art-viewing public for the Southwestern Pennsylvania area. In addition we publish the Pittsburgh Gallery Guide, the guide to local galleries and museums in the Southwestern PA region. With your help, Articulate will be able to provide you with all the resources you need. Whether you are an art gallery, an artist, an art organization or an art patron, we are devoted to bringing Southwestern Pennsylvania Art to you.

The website's demographic data reveal a few surprises. The State of Washington comes in first, ahead of California and Pennsylvania, for the number of visitors during the month of September. There seems to be significant interest in Pittsburgh artists in Sweden. I don't have any theories to explain this geography, but it does suggest some connectivity opportunities.

However, I'm going to continue to push East Coast Connected's co-location model. The first step is to settle on the scope of the region we will network. I suggest a contiguous area, roughly a triangle that includes Greater Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. The partial states would be all of Western Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York, as well as Eastern Ohio and Northwestern West Virginia. This would be akin to ECC's economic development region of Atlantic Canada.

Toronto is unique in that the city is all things to Atlantic Canada. The relationship proposition is obvious and without equal. The connectivity map of what I would call the "Postindustrial Heartland" is much more complicated. For most artists in this region, New York City is the place. Given the proximity, Washington, DC is the location for young professionals to launch a career. The link to the Hollywood entertainment industry deserves mention thanks to the efforts of Carl Kurlander. Finally, the hub of entrepreneurial activity would appear to be Silicon Valley. Boston is another option, but what awareness I have suggests that the Bay Area as more important to Pittsburgh, as well as the other cities in the Postindustrial Heartland.

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