Monday, October 01, 2007

Steelers Road Nation: Unknown Legend

The loss to the Arizona Cardinals is already in Jim Wexell's rearview mirror:

As someone pulling for the Steelers, I wasn't too upset by the loss. I figure that if they'd have won, they'd have been upset by avenging Seattle next Sunday; but since they lost they'll be focused and will beat Seattle. By my math, the Steelers are on track for a 4-1 start either way. That's why I was happy for Russ Grimm. I visited his post-game tailgate party outside the stadium. I congratulated Sean Morey, Kevin Spencer, Ken Whisenhunt and Grimm in that order. Whisenhunt was happy to see me, but reverted to head coach when I asked him if it was an emotional week. He has to be the man in charge of keeping an even keel and he did that. Grimm allowed me to turn on my recorder for an interview for the book. He told a friend he'd circled the game, but for the record told me that he really hadn't. His happy green eyes said otherwise.

For the Burgh Diaspora, there is only one team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, the Arizona Cardinals are emblematic of the migratory pattern of Western Pennsylvania. Russ Grimm, already a boomeranger, needed to leave the region once again in order to take the next step in his career. While he coaches for the wrong team, he's still a member of our Diaspora family.

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