Saturday, October 06, 2007

Steelers Road Nation: American Stars 'N Bars

Jim Wexell is deep in what some may call Seattle Seahawks territory:

Before the game kicks off, I’ll have spent two full days investigating the football fans of Seattle, and it’s been difficult. Not everyone -- or even close to it -- has any interest at all in football. I went to the Space Needle and the first two fans I asked – with video camera in hand – were Steelers fans. I didn’t need them, but their stories were interesting nonetheless. I did find some Seahawks fans, but they’re really not too passionate. I scanned the famed Pike Place Market and could only find only one person – one, in a mass of humanity -- who was wearing Seahawks garb. It’s all on tape. So is the fan, Casey, who at first denied any lingering anger over Super Bowl XL, but it all poured out of him after a few probing questions. His main complaint is the call of incomplete when a Seattle receiver hit a pylon and the other is that two Pittsburgh residents were part of the officiating crew. I think he’s wrong on both counts, but I’m not too interested in looking it up. It always seems to be something with these so-called fans.

Once Mr. Wexell gets away from the local tourist traps, he will have an easier time finding Seahawks fans to interview. Canvassing Pike Place is like searching Times Square for rabid Giants fans. Then again, Seattle isn't Pittsburgh when it comes to football. That's the thread running through Mr. Wexell's trip. There are no football fans quite like Steelers fans.

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XMLHacker said...

As a former Burgher now living in Seattle, I still get comments when I wear my beloved black & gold. People seem to think there was a conspiracy in that game, helping Pittsburgh to win. I fear today's game will not go so well given all of the injuries on the Pittsburgh side.