Wednesday, October 03, 2007

J'Burgh Connectivity

Yesterday, I abused Rabbi Seth Goren's ear for almost two hours. Rabbi Goren is the director of J'Burgh and he's attempting to better network Pittsburgh's Jewish twentysomething demographic. You could find out about the activities by subscribing to his e-newsletter. For example, a night kayak trip is planned for October 9th:

We're slated to have night kayaking on the evening of October 9th at 5:30 p.m. Here are the details:

· Format of Trip:
We will meet under the Clemente Bridge (North Shore) at Kayak Pittsburgh with a round of introductions and brief discussion. Before we can paddle we will discuss and practice: water safety, paddling techniques, entering and exiting a kayak. As we strap on our life jackets and grab the paddles, we'll prepare ourselves for the adventure that lies ahead. We will spend a little time getting comfortable paddling from the starting point. Then we will paddle up the Allegheny River as time permits. Then we will enjoy a leisurely paddle back down the river to Kayak Pittsburgh. Along the way expect beautiful views and lively conversation. The trip will last 1-2 hours.

· Equipment/Rental Info:
All life jackets, paddles, kayaks, and guide(s) will be provided. You must wear a life jacket the whole time you are in a boat with Venture Outdoors.

· Bathroom Facilities:
Bathroom facilities will be available at Kayak Pittsburgh, under the bridge.

· Clothing List:
All trips require you to bring and wear the appropriate clothing listed below. All participants should bring some type of filled water bottle. A small, reusable plastic drink container (Gatorade, juice, etc) with a sturdy lid works great!

What you wear on the river could get wet.
* Sweatshirt and/or rain jacket/windbreaker in case of inclement weather
* Swimsuit, Shorts, or Pants
* T-shirt
* Water Shoes/Sandals/Old Sneakers (required) - Shoes must be worn the whole time to protect from such hazards as fish hooks. They should be able to stay on your feet even while swimming (no flip-flop type shoes).
* Optional: Dry clothes to change into for the ride home; Towel

We discussed the upside of his efforts. I think J'Burgh has the potential to better acquaint non-natives with Greater Pittsburgh. The region has much more to offer graduate students than just Oakland and Squirrel Hill. Students who develop a deeper relationship with the city are more likely to stay or return after moving away to start a career. At the very least, they can tell members of their community at home or where they eventually live about the wonders of Pittsburgh.

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