Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Whiskey Diaspora

Pittsburgh, despite Pennsylvania's absurd booze laws, is one of the better stops on an American beer road trip. Alcohol is big business and its regional expression is once again as diverse as the cultural mosaic that comprises these United States. The lager traditions of Germany and Eastern Europe dominate Pittsburgh's beer landscape, which makes the Belgian ale Mecca at Sharp Edge all the more curious.

Not to be outdone, the folks at Pittsburgh Wine Festival are throwing a whiskey party at Heinz Field on November 2nd. As most of you likely know, Pittsburgh's whiskey roots run deep:

The heritage and history of distilled spirits in America is fascinating, with many pivotal events and landmarks in this region, from The Whiskey Rebellion in 1794 to Pittsburgh's mark on The American Whiskey Trail. "Our region is so rich with whiskey heritage" says Max Miller, Managing Partner of Raise Your Spirits, a Sensory Experience Firm that provides customized interactions with luxury spirits and products. "Any exploration of the evolution of the whiskey industry, its migration from Europe, and its importance in American culture, invariably includes western Pennsylvania. We look forward to the Pittsburgh Whiskey Festival being an exciting and anticipated tradition for years to come."

The functioning whiskey region resides in Kentucky and Tennessee. Pittsburgh's significance is historical, but that could change as the city rediscovers its past and embraces its identity.

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