Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steelers Road Nation: Thrasher

Jim Wexell logs his last report from his tour of Steelers Nation. Among his list of thank yous is one to the front office executives, management and staff of the Pittsburgh Steelers:

I also want to thank the Steelers' front office and public relations staff. You wouldn't believe their help and generosity. Or maybe you would. Maybe that's why so many Steelers fans lined up outside the locker room in Denver and cheered for both Rooneys after a loss. There's definitely a special dynamic that exists between team and fans.

My primary interest in Steelers Nation concerns the relationship between the fans. I'm only guessing, but I suspect that Mr. Wexell discovered something unique about the relationship between the team and the many lives it touches all around the country (and around the world). Steelers Nation is not a marketing department invention, like Red Sox nation. The way the organization is run as a business is what fuels that Pittsburgh pride in non-natives such as myself.

In the Rooneys we trust. Believe.

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