Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blueprint Communities Revitalization Symposium

This story doesn't fit within the R2P narrative, but I find the Pittsburgh connection interesting:

Consider for instance the crowd of 100 or more at the University of Delaware's Arsht Hall last Friday. Representing nine Delaware communities, they got a chance to debut months of efforts at devising master plans to make their neighborhoods better.

Their face-off competition came courtesy of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh's Blueprint Communities Revitalization Symposium, sponsored in partnership with the University of Delaware's Center for Community Research and Services. Dozens of residents from Kent and New Castle counties, warily eyed competitor's plan in a stellar stab at community re-organization from the ground up.

Instead of a sole magnetic personality, a mandate from FHLB-Pittsburgh enabled the groups to expand their dream and get diverse input about who can help shape that vision.

Pittsburgh is definitely much more than just Southwestern PA.

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