Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Steelers Nation Convention

VisitPittsburgh claims that the Steelers playing the Super Bowl in Tampa has a positive economic impact on Pittsburgh:

"Having the Steelers play in the Super Bowl is the equivalent of hosting a medium-sized convention in Pittsburgh," says [Joe McGrath, president and CEO of VisitPittsburgh]. "We're estimating that 2,500 people will be coming to Pittsburgh this weekend and staying at a hotel for two days - that translates into 5,000 room nights. In addition, another 2,500 people will be staying with friends or relatives. This is a fantastic opportunity that is very welcome at a typically slow time for area hoteliers, restaurants and retailers."

I doubt Phoenix is deriving such a benefit. San Diego, jealously eying Tampa's windfall, couldn't expect Chargers fans dispersed around the United States to converge in its city. How about Cowboys fans flying into Dallas? Nope. Cleveland might generate a similar migration. Buffalo is another candidate. But they wouldn't match the numbers that fly into Pittsburgh.

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