Friday, January 30, 2009

Pittsburg, PA

Sorry Dorthy, we're not in Kansas anymore:

"All super bowls for us are the busiest day of the year no matter who’s playing,” explained Heilman. “This year being that it’s Pittsburg Super Bowl, it will be busier for us because we are a Pittsburg sports bar.“

While thousands of Americans spend money throwing parties and going out for the big game, this year may be a different story for some big-time fans that are on a small-time budget like Pittsburg native and Myrtle Beach resident Reid Harper.

“I’m watching my budget a little more and since it’s the Pittsburg Steelers and I’m from Pittsburg I was kind of wanting to celebrate,” said Harper, “so I’m just having a few friends over and we’re going probably order some wings and some beer and things like that."

I'm curious when and if the editor of this South Carolina television station's website will make the correction.

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