Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DC Steelers Diaspora

Another anecdote about the size of the Burgh Diaspora in the DC area:

As kickoff nears, Fairfax City resident Bill McCann will arrive with his 13-year-old son Jake. The McCanns have been frequenting Fast Eddie’s for the past three years, although they typically only attend afternoon games because, after all, Fast Eddie’s is a bar.

McCann grew up in Pittsburgh and moved here out of the Navy in 1989.

The McCanns will head for the table in the far back of the first room, directly opposites of the bar’s biggest screen. They’ll jump and cheer and, most importantly, spend some quality time together.

“It’s absolutely the best Steelers bar in Fairfax County,” McCann said.

For those of you keeping score like I am, that is "best Steelers bar" not "only Steelers bar".

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