Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bust Go The Burbs

Something to consider as you map your journey back to Pittsburgh:

Nationwide, a million more suburbanites are living below the poverty line than city dwellers. SuburbanSt. Louis County, Mo., has 50 percent more working-poor families than the city of St. Louis itself. The mortgage crisis only adds to the problems. The foreclosure rate in Clayton County, which encompasses many of Atlanta's southern suburbs, is twice as high as that in Atlanta. Homes in neighborhoods close to downtown Chicago, Pittsburgh and Portland, Ore., have held their value, while prices for homes far from those urban cores have plummeted, according to new research by Joe Cortright, an economist at Impresa Consulting.

My wife and I have decided to live within the city limits of Pittsburgh. Both of us are suburban brats and we know little about raising kids in an urban environment. However, we appreciate a cosmopolitan lifestyle and are committed to Pittsburgh's renaissance.


Unknown said...

You might find this article from the Wall Street Journal entertaining.

illyrias said...

Being a city dweller, I applaud your choice. I have no regrets about choosing to live in the city.

I'm over in the South Side Slopes - a great combination of new and old folks. Far enough from the South Side Flats that you can sleep at night, and it has built in exercise stairs. :) Plus, I have a backyard that deer wander through.

Enjoy exploring the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh in a new light while you decide where to live.