Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Sports Fan Fraternity

My participation in an online community of Steelers fans inspired me to blog about the Burgh Diaspora. The virtual trust cultivated helped people make valuable job contacts. I wrote two posts (here and here) about Hollywood film producer Thomas Tull and how his shared passion for the Pittsburgh Steelers facilitated business transactions. Tull now has an ownership stake in his favorite team, connecting via the Steelers: Pittsburgh to Los Angeles and Tull's hometown of Binghamton, NY (part of the Pierogi Diaspora).

Turning my attention to Cleveland and the struggling Browns, I've taken interest in a message board cry for help to boomerang back home:

So I am trying to figure out if any of you have a good source I can use to facilitate moving back to Cleveland. I am living in Colorado now and just want to get back to my roots. I work as a National Sales Director for a manufacturing company, and would be qualified for most sales positions. I'm also looking at just getting into an apartment downtown iin a nice part of the city. When I left I was 14, and now I am 31. So the landscape and my understanding of the landscape has most certainly changed.

I am looking for resources for:

Employment and Living Accomodations.

Any good ideas?

I am working on finding things on currently, but I am wondering if there is a better local resource?


I've read similar (albeit more articulate) pleas from members of the IntoPittsburgh LinkedIn group. I don't expect a large number of people to actually manage the move home, but there is considerable interest to boomerang. And there are plenty of fans willing to smooth the way for the return.

This ad hoc migration could be better engineered. I intend to use my blog to do this for Pittsburgh expatriates and talent hungry Pittsburgh-based businesses. I will share my own experience along with the best relocation practices. Steelers Nation is a piece of this puzzle, one that I think is under-exploited.


Burgher Jon said...

That's a fantastic post Jim, sounds like a response to my post the other day about how we can use the web to benefit Pittsburgh. Good luck with it, let me know if there's anything I can do to help facilitate The SteelerJob Net.

Jim Russell said...


If you know anyone who has boomeranged back to the Burgh, then ask them if they would be willing to share some advice as to how other expatriates could do the same. Let's get those success stories out into the Burghosphere.