Thursday, January 22, 2009

DC Boomerang has an active Pittsburgh forum dedicated to "relocation, moving, and local city discussions." There is plenty message board flaming going on between Burgh boosters and detractors, but most of the posters there are very willing to help someone exploring a move to Pittsburgh. If you follow long enough, then you'll notice that there are more people looking to move back to Pittsburgh than newbies:

I'm moving back to Pittsburgh after living in the Washington, DC area for ten years. I am originally from a small town about 40 miles north of Pittsburgh (Ellwood City) and am looking for a similar type of town closer to Pittsburgh. I will be working downtown, and don't want a long commute. Can anyone recommend a town/suburb in the north (I want to be close to my family in Ellwood City, so the South Hills and East areas are not an option) which has an actual small town/neighborhood feel to it (as opposed to sprawling/new development suburbs)? My husband and I plan on having children soon, so school district is an important factor. I'd also like to have a good-sized yard. I'm looking for small-town charm within easy commuting distance to Pittsburgh and not too far from Ellwood City (Lawrence County). Any ideas out there?

These relocation narratives are likely indicative of a migration pattern. Since the typical boomerang migrant to Pittsburgh is seeking a higher quality of life for a family, the City of Pittsburgh would seem to be an unlikely destination. Are there any blogs detailing the trials and tribulations of raising children in Pittsburgh proper?


illyrias said...

I'm not sure if she's in the city of Pittsburgh proper, but she blogs about parenting in the city:

Here's a general blog roll:

Jim Russell said...

Thanks for the lead. I'll be sure to investigate the blog roll and report what I discover.